Celery stalks with ham steak cream
Ingredients for 6 servings:
6 celery stalks
240 gr mascarpone cheese
130 gr ham steak (sliced)
Celery stalks with ham steak cream
Clean, wash and dry the celery stalks; cut them and make even them.
Remove fat from the ham, cut into strips and whip with a mixer until creamy, smooth and homogeneous.
For a few minutes mix the mascarpone in a bowl with a wooden spoon, then stir in the mashed ham and a pinch of pepper. Mix well until the cream is cream. Add salt.
Put the cream in a sac-a-poche equipped with a nozzle and stuff the celery stalks for 2/3 of their length.
Place on a tray or a serving platter and serve.

Chef’s advices
These celery stalks are great as an appetizer or a cocktail; they can be prepared several hours before serving, keeping them in the fridge until ready to serve.
To accompany this appetizer I recommend a Chardonnay.

Type of course: starter
Serves: 6 appetizers
Preparation time: 30 minutes
Cooking time: -
Difficulty: easy
Origin: Italy
Celery stalks with ham steak cream - Ricetta