Linguine with baby cuttlefish
Ingredients for 4 servings:
280 gr linguine
500 gr baby cuttlefish
200 gr tomatoes
1 glass of dry white wine
60 gr grated pecorino cheese
1 onion
Linguine with baby cuttlefish
Gut the cuttlefish, remove the bone and eyes, keep aside the ink bag; cut the cuttlefish into little pieces.
Warm 4 tbsp of oil into a pan, add onion finely sliced and, when it will be lightly golden, add the cuttlefish, peeled and chopped tomatoes without seeds, salt and pepper.
Cover and cook at low-medium heat, the mixture must simmer for an hour or until the cuttlefish will be soft.
Five minutes before the cooking is done, pour wine into the pan, let it evaporate, then add the cuttlefish ink and mix well.
Boil the linguine into boiling lightly salted water, drain, place them into a serving plate and season with grated pecorino cheese and the cuttlefish sauce.

Preparation time: 40 minutes
Cooking time: 80 minutes
Difficulty: medium

Chef’s advices
Combine with Lugana, Ansonica Costa dell’Argentario, Castel del Monte Bianco.
Linguine with baby cuttlefish - Ricetta