Parmesan risotto
Ingredients for 4 servings:
250 gr rice
50 gr butter
1 little onion finely chopped
60 gr grated Parmesan cheese
¾ lt broth
Parmesan risotto
In a pan, brown the onion into butter. Add the rice and mixing with a wooden spoon, leave to gain flavor for some minutes. Pour the broth a little by little, always mixing until the rice is cooked “al dente” (underdone). Turn off the heat and mix the Parmesan, and serve.

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: easy

Chef's advice
This risotto, wrongly called “alla parmigiana”, it’s mainly used to match dishes of meat or vegetable. However, can be considered a good first course.
Parmesan risotto - Ricetta