Cappellotti with pike fillets and vegetables
300 gr of Pike fillets steamed and seasoned with salt and pepper
50 gr of creamy and mild cheese
200 gr of Extra virgin olive oil
n. 2 of chicory, round catted and cooked in a pan with white wine and vegetable broth
20 gr of parsley
100 gr of Cress washed and smoothed with vegetable broth, salt and pepper
20 gr of toasted pine nuts
200 gr of datterini tomatoes peeled and cube catted
20 gr of pastry for ravioli (200 gr of white flour type 00, 2 eggs, water)
Cappellotti with pike fillets and vegetables
Smoothed the pike fillets and the creamy and mild cheese and fill a sac a poche. Stretch the pastry for ravioli and catted it in small squares. Wet them with water and fill in them with the sauce prepared before. Close the cappellotti and cooked them in salted boiling water for 4/5 minutes. Brown the chicory with Extra Virgin Oil and the datterini tomatoes. lay carefully the cappellotti on the plate and dress with the chicory, the toasted pine nuts and the tomatoes.

Recipe: Hotel Lido Palace di Riva del Garda (TN)
Cappellotti with pike fillets and vegetables - Ricetta