Fish soup
Ingredients for 4 servings:
2 kg various kinds of fish (choose between these: dory, redfish, conger, whiting, gurnard, hake, mullet, moray, octopus, shellfish and seafood)
1 big onion
2 cloves of garlic
1 piece of red hot chili pepper
An handful of parsley
4-5 ripe tomatoes
1 leaf of lauro
3 dl dry white wine
Slices of bread toasted in the oven
1 dl extra virgin olive oil
Ground pepper
Fish soup
Clean all the big fishes by empting the bowels, but leaving the head, fins and fishbone attached; chop them into big pieces and wash them.

Clean the small fishes leaving them integer.

Wash shellfish (like prawns, tiger shrimps, little lobsters, etc) and leave them integer with the shell.

Clean the octopus remove the central eye and the horny beak, wash well and dry it, remove the bag from the tentacles, peel and cut into pieces.

Brush off the seafood; put in a pan and let them open on the heat. Filter the broth and keep apart.

Sprinkle the seafood with some white wine, add the filtered broth and cook and shrink the gravy at medium heat.

Put a pan on the heat with half glass of olive oil with the chopped onion and a mashed clove of garlic. Fry slightly, add red hot chili pepper, minced parsley, lauro, peeled tomatoes (seedless and chopped), seafood broth and some more water in order to have an abundant broth.

Add big fishes first, octopus, pieces of fish, smaller fishes and seashells; salt and pepper.

Once almost done add to the soup the seafood too. While cooking move the pan sometimes without turn over the fish.

Rub the slices of bread with the remaining clove of garlic, place them into very hot single terrines, spread over the fish, trying to not break it and cover with the boiling broth.

Preparation: 30 minutes
Cooking: 90 minutes
Difficulty: easy
Type of dish: main dish, first courses

Chef's advice
This is a typical dish of regional Italian cuisine, from Tuscany exactly; you can serve the soup into the same earthenware casserole used for cooking, serving aside the slices of bread rubbed with garlic.
The recommended wine is San Torpè (white) or Rosso delle Ripalte (red).
Fish soup - Ricetta