Sicilian cassata
Ingredients for 6 servings:
For the base:
1 disk of sponge cake

For the filling:
400 gr sheep ricotta
200 gr icing sugar
200 gr candied fruit (orange, citron, etc)
100 gr dark chocolate
Vanilla powder

For the icing:
Pistachio paste
200 gr icing sugar
½ lemon
Sicilian cassata
Pass the ricotta through a sieve by dropping the puree into a bowl. Add icing sugar, half candied fruit chopped into little cubes with the chocolate, and a pinch of vanilla, mixing with a wooden spoon in order to stir well the ingredients.
Cut the sponge cake longitudinally and place an half in a mold with high edges. Add the ricotta mix and cover with the other half of sponge cake. Put the cassata into refrigerator for some hours.
Make the icing with icing sugar, a little pistachio paste, some drops of lemon juice and about 2 tbsp of hot water.
Place the cassata on a serving plate and ice it. Decorate the cake with the remaining candied fruit and, if you like, with whipped cream. Cut into pieces or slices and serve.

Preparation time: 40 minutes
Cooking time: -
Difficulty: medium

Chef's advice
You can vary the recipe soking the sponge cake into a sugar syrup flavored with orange zest.
Those who like a slight aftertaste of alcohol, may wet the sponge cake with a little liqueur or rhum.
The reccomended wine for this cake is Moscato Passito di Pantelleria.
Sicilian cassata - Ricetta